Takeaway Menu

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The Origins of fish & Chips

There is nothing more British than fish and chips-eaten with salt and vinegar, fish and chips is one of our Great British institutions.

But, where did this famous culinary delight originate?

The simple answer is that no one really knows. We do know fish and chips were developed separately, The French invented chips or “ chipped pommes de terre a la mode” (from the humble potato commonly believed to have been brought to Europe by Sir Walter Raleigh in the 17th century), and in 1839 Charles Dickens referred to a “ fried fish warehouse” in Oliver Twist.

The great British fish and chip trade grew out of these existing small businesses which sold fish and chips separately in the streets and alleys of London, and some of Britain’s industrial towns in the 1850’s.

Both Lancashire and London stake a claim to the origin of our most famous meal. Chips were the staple fare of the industrial north whilst fried fish was introduced in London’s East End.

Even in this, the 21st century, there is nothing quite so tasty, satisfying, wholesome, and evocative, as freshly prepared top quality fish and chips.

Takeaway Fish

All our fish are fried to order

  Without Chips With Chips
Mini Haddock £3.50
Haddock £4.40 £5.95
Jumbo Haddock £4.70 £6.25
Special Breaded Haddock £5.00 £6.55
Cod £4.40 £5.95
£4.70 £6.20
Homemade Fish Cakes (2) £3.00 £4.50

Takeaway Chicken

All our chicken is fried fresh to order

  Without Chips With Chips
Chicken Leg £3.00 £4.50
Chicken Breast £4.10 £5.60
Chicken Breast Fillets
(in batter (5) )
£3.50 £5.00
Chicken Burger
(served in a bun with salad)
£3.30 £4.80

Takeaway Pies & Puddings

  Without Chips With Chips
Steak Pie
(oven heated & supplied locally by Chapman of Wishaw)
£2.70 £4.20
Mince Pie
(oven heated & supplied locally by Chapman of Wishaw)
£2.40 £3.90
Black Pudding
(supplied locally by Ramsay of Carluke)
£2.70 £4.20
Haggis Pudding
(supplied locally by Ramsay of Carluke)
£2.70 £4.20
White Pudding
(supplied locally by Ramsay of Carluke)
£2.70 £4.20

Takeaway Sausage & Meats

  Without Chips With Chips
Smoked Sausage £3.20 £4.70
½ Smoked Sausage £2.50 £4.00
Premium Pork Sausage (2) £3.00 £4.50
Hamburger in batter £2.70 £4.20
Chipsteak £3.00 £4.50
King Rib £3.00 £4.50
¼ lb Hamburger served in a bun with salad £3.30 £4.80
¼ lb Cheeseburger served in a bun with salad £3.50 £5.00

Freshly Prepared Thick cut Chips & Extras

All prices include V.A.T. where applicable

Chips £1.30
(small )
Potato Fritters (2) £0.95
Chips in a Roll £1.50
Chips & Curry Sauce £2.70
Chips & Cheddar Cheese £3.00
Beans £1.30
Homemade Mushy Peas £1.30
Curry Sauce £1.50
Pickled Onions £0.25
Pickled Eggs £0.45
Homemade Tartare Sauce £0.20

Freshly Prepared Childrens Meal Boxes

Fresh hand cut Haddock Bites,
Chicken Breast Fillets in batter (3),
Premium Pork Sausage with/without batter (1)
All cooked fresh to order & served with chips, a small drink, & novelty

Takeaway Dairy Ice Cream

Our ice cream is freshly frozen daily on the premises, from a fresh mix supplied locally by Taylor’s of Biggar

Cones £1.20
Plain Wafer £1.70
Single Nougat Wafer £2.00
Double Nougat Wafer £2.30
Cartons £1.50 £2.60 £3.20 £4.20

Takeaway Chilled Drinks

Cans & Cartons £0.90
Bottles £0.80 £1.30 £1.40

Takeaway Hot Drinks

Tea £1.30
Coffee from £1.50
Homemade Soup £2.20